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jul. '98 – jul. '01

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Deck building
We built a deck! Well, actually our friend Tom was nice enough to build a deck in our front yard with a little help from us. Thanks, Tom :).[Jul. '01]

Pressnall family ordeal
The whole Pressnall family clan gathered at Jim and Betsy's property on Whidbey Island for a camping weekend. OK, so maybe it wasn't really so much of an 'ordeal'...[Jul. '01]

Carlin's portfolio review
After a long year of working full-time and going to The Art Institute, I got to show off all my hard work at the portfolio review.[Jun. '01]

Michael's graduation
Whitworth College, May 20th, 2001. Carlin and I headed east to Spokane to watch the grand event. Take a look at all the wackiness that ensued.[May '01]