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jul. '01 – apr. '02

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Whistler 2002
Sun in January, snow in April - quite a vacation schedule we've had this year, isn't it? Matt & I, along with 8 of our closest friends, had a great weekend getaway at Whistler.[Apr. '02]

Warmth and sun in January? This sure isn't Seattle. We spent a week on Oahu and Maui, and enjoyed lots of sitting on the sand in the warm sunshine.[Jan. '02]

Xmas 2001
From chaos at the Pressnalls' to calm at the Gowdys', it was a traditional family Christmas for Matt & I.[Dec. '01]

Patrick & Candace's wedding
The whole family (yes, I do mean everyone) made it down to Portland for Patrick & Candace's big day.[Dec. '01]